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Medimec Sdn Bhd was formed in May 2003. Its manufacturing facility is located in the industrial region of Selangor, Malaysia. We are one of the leading manufacturers of consistent good quality Intrauterine Contraceptive Device. With IUD’s we do Glove manufacturer and export. We manufacture Industrial Gloves, Medical Gloves, Kitchen Gloves Etc.,


SINCE 2003


Dedicating more than 17 years service to surgeon’s care, Medimec is one of the most reputed manufacturer and exporter of a Intrauterine Devices (IUDs) We have been awarded with an ISO 9001:2000, CE & WHO GMP Certification for providing high quality products. We endeavour to maintain the quality and uniqueness of our products and deliver it on schedule. Our Quality Policy to provide product & services, which consistently meet or exceed the expectation of our customers and be the leader in the market we serve.

Customer Review

  • We have been dealing with Medimec for past 10 years. All the products are with good quality as committed. Good job, keep going.
    John Henry
  • We have been importing Medimec products to India since 2011. Their quality is very good and a great customer support.
    Vinoth Kumar
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