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Spinal Needle (Whitacre type)

The unique opening shape and careful processing result in minimal invasiveness not achieved by conventional cutting needles. Its excellent quality and user friendliness are rated highly by anesthesiologists worldwide. 

This modified whitacre-type noncutting needle has a uniquely designed opening location and shape, contributing to performance exceeding that of competitors.

Complications of spinal anesthesia include postdural puncture headache (PDPH), especially among pregnant women. To prevent PDPH, the demand for spinal puncture needles is shifting from cutting to finer pencil point needles. Numerous studies attest to the usefulness of our needles in preventing PDPH.

The stylet hub supports the ISO color-code system, the guttered surface of the outer needle hub gives a secure grip, and the transparent needle base with minimal accessories allows easy recognition of spinal fluid collection. The thin wall means that the needle has a sufficient inner diameter capacity.  

This Uniever pencil point needle is offered in a wide range of diameters and lengths for every need.

A standard introducer needle 32mm or 38 mm in length for use with pencil point needles is included in the package for hygienic needle insertion.

When using needles less than 25G, please use the introducer needle