Medi-Load Cu250



Intrauterine devices are the most widely used reversible contraceptives in the world.

One of the commonly used copper bearing IUD is the Medi-Load Cu 250. A key feature of the Medi-Load Cu250 IUD models is the ease of insertion & minimum training needs for the service provider. 

  • Medi-Load comes ready for insertion in insertion tube, therefore less number of steps while insertion than other IUDs
  • Nylon Suture is softer and hence is more comfortable for the couple
  • packed Superior Tyvek pouch
  • Geometric design of Medi-Load frame ensures lower expulsion rate
  • Geometrical structure and insertion method lowers the probability of accidental perforation of fundus
  • Printed insertion tube adds convenience and accuracy for providers
  • Medi-Load Cu 250 offers long term protection up to 3 years